When Tom Cruise tried to recruit David Beckham to Scientology

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Have you been absorbed into the life of David and Victoria in the new four-part documentary ‘Beckham’ being shown on Netflix? If so, there is a chance you have had your eyes opened to the ups and downs of their incredible life to date, and the people that they have engaged with across that time.

Becks was a rock star of the world of football, obsessed by Manchester United, driven by England dreams, and an utter refusal to ever give up even when things got to the lowest points imaginable for him. But one aspect of his life not covered in the short series was his invite into Scientology from one of the biggest names in Hollywood: Tom Cruise.

Scientology is a kind of hybrid between the devotion to the empirical and the religious. It has often been classified as a sect due to its secrecy and absolute dedication on the part of its faithful followers, including the actor Cruise.

The main objective of Rinder’s work was to expose the abuses of authority by the institution, as well as to narrate his departure from the cult. However, what has attracted the most attention has been the exposure of a particular public image strategy, in which its followers seek to popularize their beliefs among their friends so that, in the end, they join them.

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