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‘It’s amazing that I even survived’: The 65th former wife of Warren Jeffs’ story of overcoming a lifetime of abuse in the FLDS church

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COLORADO CITY, Ariz. — Growing up, Briell Decker had 13 siblings, two mothers and a father who had more than 70 wives. Now, she's living life on her own. Decker  was raised in the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of…[Continue Reading...]

Woman who grew up in Islamic ‘cult’ in Arizona lifts lid on harrowing abuse she endured in sick sect – revealing how leaders ‘broke’ young women with physical punishments to prove their bodies ‘didn’t belong to them’ 

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A woman who was raised in an extremist religious 'cult' has lifted a lid on the harrowing 'abuse' that she endured as a child. Tamara MC, 50, revealed that she was taught she 'wasn't worthy of cleanliness,' and forced to…[Continue Reading...]

My Childhood in a Cult: Growing Up in a Controversial Baltimore Religious Community

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Barefoot girls hold a ribbon and loop around a maypole. Some, styled as the “Little Lambs,” dance for the hundreds gathered at the 15-acre Timonium estate known as The Farm. There are pony rides, potato-sack races, even a live band…[Continue Reading...]

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