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Immortal Consciousness & Dr. Duran: Arizona woman leaves cult to find happiness, advocacy

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No matter what expert you ask, they'll say there are still thousands of cults in the United States. A Gilbert, Arizona woman says many of them are all around us in Arizona – and she would know. She says she…[Continue Reading...]

Killer ‘cult mom’ Lori Vallow flashes giant smile as she enters courtroom for hearing on second murder conspiracy case

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KILLER mom Lori Vallow grinned from ear to ear on Wednesday as she appeared in court over her latest murder conspiracy charge. The so-called doomsday mom, who was convicted of murdering her two children, was beaming as she entered the…[Continue Reading...]

Good morning: 1970s Havasu cult Synanon focus of Paramount Plus streaming season

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Many Havasu Pioneers and long-time residents have vivid memories of Synanon, the cult that established roots in Lake Havasu City during the 1970s. Recently, it has reentered the public consciousness, thanks to a new documentary series on Paramount Plus. We’re…[Continue Reading...]

Doomsday siblings with eerie link to ‘cult’ mom Lori Vallow extradited after ‘kidnapping boy and taking him to Canada’

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Spring Thibaudeau and her brother, Brook Hale, hatched a plan to take Thibaudeau's 16-year-old son Blaze from his home in Gilbert to another country against his will, according to prosecutors. Court documents added that a doomsday belief system was cited as…[Continue Reading...]

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