Son of infamous cult leader Warren Jeffs said new FLDS leader ‘took a page out of my dad’s playbook’

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Wendell Jeffson, the 22-year-old son of the infamous cult leader Warren Jeffs, told Insider that the up-and-coming FLDS leader being accused of keeping 20 wives — most of them under 15 — “took a page out of my dad’s playbook.”

Jeffs, the longtime “prophet” to the Fundamentalist Church of Later-Day Saints, is serving a life sentence on child sexual abuse convictions related to marrying off young girls to his older male followers, including himself.

Samuel Bateman, 46, also preyed on young girls, including his own teenage daughter, who he told he wanted to marry and impregnate, according to an FBI affidavit. The document was filed in a federal case for which Bateman is awaiting trial on charges he impeded the bureau’s investigation into sexual abuse.

“He’s taken the same message that Warren Jeffs used, but is putting it in his own words,” Jeffson said. “It’s the same thing repeating itself.”

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