Sister Wives – “King” Kody Brown Killed Polygamy (The King Is Dead, Long Live The King?)

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When he ruled the world, Kody Brown was the king of polygamy, but the Sister Wives star lost control. Now, thanks to his hubris, he’s bringing the entire plural marriage system down. When he began appearing on the reality show, he wanted to make viewers believe that polygamy was a good thing. Kody was interested in normalizing something that was part of a “fringe” subculture. Kody said love should be, “multiplied, not divided.” However, there’s so little love in season 18. Plural marriage seems awful, and Kody bears most of the responsibility for the Brown family’s disturbing dynamic.

Reality TV show star Kody could have kept his vows to Meri, Janelle and Christine Brown – not just Robyn Brown. By neglecting three of his wives, the Sister Wives season 18 star abused his patriarchal power. Polygamy’s poster boy dropped the ball, definitively proving that plural marriage is dead wrong and harmful. The flaws of an antiquated system, where the emotional needs of women are never, ever respected, were magnified onscreen. It wasn’t a pretty picture. How can anyone believe in plural marriage now?

In plural marriages, women are supposed to come to terms with, “sacred loneliness.” In other words, they’re supposed to suffer silently in order to keep a polygamous family intact. At some point, Christine couldn’t take it anymore. Always the most forthright of the bunch, Christine has trouble hiding her emotions. When Kody’s neglect of Christine got really extreme, she bailed out. She faced the fact that nothing would ever change.

Now, in season 18, the honest, brave and inspiring woman that is Christine is attempting to become friends with her ex, rather than baying for his blood. That’s a mature approach, but Kody sees treachery everywhere. He thinks Christine’s playing some kind of game. Like a tyrant whose power’s on the wane, he doesn’t trust anyone.

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