Sex slaves, cloned babies & naked alien worship… inside ‘UFO cult’ led by prophet Rael who ‘bedded thousands of women’

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TO his devoted followers he is a messenger from the “true creators” of humankind, the alien race of Elohim, who was sent as a prophet after being abducted by a UFO in the mountains of France in 1973.

But to others Claude Vorilhon – who calls himself Raël – is a “dangerous” cult leader and “sex maniac” who uses his power to bed women and claims to be behind the world’s first cloned baby.

In mass “sensual meditation” sessions the followers of Raelism, which was set up in 1974, are encouraged to strip naked and pleasure themselves and men persuade female partners to have sex with other group members, in order to become more ‘fulfilled’.

The French group has also been accused of encouraging child sexual abuse through its doctrines, after two Raelians raped an 11-year-old girl in Avignon, allegedly with her mother’s permission.

At its height, the religious sect claimed to have 60,000 members and there are still thriving factions in Canada, Africa and Japan, where the 78-year-old leader currently lives.

Now many who still follow Rael – who claims to have dined with Jesus, Moses and Mohammed during a second abduction – have defended his teachings in a new Netflix documentary, available from today.

But Rael: The Alien Prophet also hears from disillusioned former members who say that the ‘religion’ ruined their lives and from an undercover journalist who claims the leader made women his “sex slaves” and was “addicted to female submission”.

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