Netflix viewers left disturbed after watching shocking new docuseries on controversial cult

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Netflix is known for its ‘wild’ true crime and bizarre docuseries offerings – but the platform’s latest project is simply blowing fans away.

A new French-speaking series launched on the platform this week which follows former sports journalist Claude Vorilhon.

Back in December 1973, the automotive enthusiast and magazine owner claimed he had been visited by an alien and later gave up his work to meet their demands.

It’s said that the extraterrestrial being had visited Earth specifically to speak to Vorilhon and to task him with delivering a message to humanity.

Taking on the name Raël, the Frenchman said he’d been given a mission to inform the world’s leaders that extraterrestrial beings – which he called the Elohim – had been trying to communicate with humans.

He said that their message was simple; build an embassy on neutral territory for the ETs to visit Earth.

Two years later, Raël said he was contacted again by the Elohim.

However, instead of just hanging out, the 77-year-old claimed he was abducted and was later introduced to Moses, Jesus, Muhammad and Buddha.

He also claimed that his ‘biological father’ was an alien named Yahweh and later started a controversial cult which gained thousands of members.

It’s definitely a jaw-dropping, real-life story, right?

If this story has piqued your interest, then Netflix has released a new docuseries on the subject titled, Raël: The Alien Prophet.

Raël’s alternative religion is known as the International Raëlian Movement (IRM) or Raëlian Church and is followed by thousands.

Ex-members of Raël’s cult feature throughout the four episodes and give insightful interviews into what they claim was really going on behind the scenes.

These former followers of the UFO-based religion claim that their leader made ‘sex slaves’ out of some of the women who joined up.

They also alleged that their leader would encourage people to have sex in the cult’s version of the ‘Garden of Eden’.

In episode three of the documentary, Raël’s hypothesis that humanity was made in a lab is explored.

Titled ‘The American Dream’, it touches on how the cult began lobbying for human cloning and how biochemist Brigitte Boisselier rose to the top of the religion.

During the episode, she also claims that the first cloned human called ‘Eve’ was born in the early 2000s in a secret location.

However, no evidence of this cloned baby yet exists.

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