Rick Ross & The Divine Madness Running Club

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For the Cult issue, it’d be pretty weird if we didn’t interview a cult specialist to find out how to start a running cult. That was the planned approach for this interview with cult deprogrammer Rick Ross: make out like we’re having a friendly chat about his work, but really I’m sucking info out of him to help me launch a running cult I’m calling ‘The Sisterhood of the Miraculous Fast Boy’ (The Sisterhood of the Miraculous Fast Boy is in no way affiliated with Satisfy, POSSESSED magazine, or anything, really, I’m just making light of a very dark and serious subject so you don’t get too bummed out).So, I called up Rick. As it happened, there wasn’t much room for gagging around about cults because, well, cults aren’t very funny. Plus, someone already established a genuine running cult in the 1990s called The Divine Madness Running Club, which is what we mainly talked about. A little about Rick: he’s an American cult deprogrammer, the founder of the non-profit Cult Education Institute, author of Cults Inside Out, and he’s saved more lives than you and I have done laps of the park. Let’s meet him.

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