Quiboloy’s sect is a cult

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The Filipino entered the bar with a red shopping trolley in tow. A Filipina owned the bar in a Spanish Mediterranean city. That Saturday night, many Filipinos filled the tables. There was a din of Tagalog chatter.

A group of four drinking Filipino men on the other table immediately recognized the Filipino with the red shopping trolley. One of them started jeering at him, saying, “Your master Quiboloy now has ten arrest warrants.” The man was unfazed and started to roll with the punches. “Even if they send him 100 arrest warrants, we don’t care,” he shot back.

He approached the bar counter where the owner got out a tray stacked with Euro coins. So he was indeed a member of Apollo Quiboloy’s Kingdom of Jesus Christ. Inside his trolley were various foodstuffs his group produces each day and which they would sell on the streets. He had apparently consigned some of it to the bar owner. She was counting how much she owed him for the day.

The men on the other table continued to jeer at him, calling Quiboloy names. The Quiboloy unpopularity is unprecedented, something that finds no need for survey firms to measure. The man continued to defend his appointed son of god. He approached our table and showed us what he was selling. I saw kakanin and siopao. He said these were his last items for the day and he needed to sell them. We understood what he meant – he needed to reach his daily quota. We declined supporting Quiboloy and risk being unpatriotic.

He said he was from Buhangin, Davao city. I wondered no more. Quiboloy’s center of operations was the controversial city of the killer Duterte dynasty. I asked him why he continues to stay in Quiboloy’s sect now that he has been accused of very serious criminal acts. And he said, “We have the freedom to follow him.” “Even if he has been accused of crimes?” I asked back. “All those accusations are false,” he maintained.

The men at the other table did not stop booing. They continued to taunt him with the arrest warrants. This time he was more adamant: “They will never get pastor. Many are protecting him, including the MILF, MNLF and the NPAs. And we will also protect him with our lives.” As for the MILF, MNLF and the NPAs protecting Quiboloy, oh boy what a good topic for fake news that was. It was just the perfect material for a propaganda pseudo media like Quiboloy’s SMNI to report as news, Lorraine Tablang Badoy Partosa and the bogus NPA cadre Jeffrey Celiz notwithstanding.

The folks on my table all agreed – this man was a damaged man, a Filipino dumbed down by the promise of a better life. Quiboloy had facilitated their migration to Europe, bankrolling all the expenses for their trip. Once in foreign land, they have to produce to pay back the “goodness” of Quiboloy. Their savior Quiboloy needs money to support their “church.” The important thing for Quiboloy is he has set a diasporic spread of his followers around the globe. They are in a state of servitude because of debt to Quiboloy. Ironically, this was their effective way out of poverty in the Philippines. It was a logical equation.

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