Tom Cruise’s Daughter Suri Is Reportedly ‘Free To Talk’ About Scientology As She Turns 18

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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes‘ daughter, Suri Cruise, has lived a sheltered life away from her father’s Scientology beliefs and public scrutiny. However, as she turns 18, she faces the decision to either embrace fame or remain private.

According to a Scientology journalist, Suri becoming an adult in New York will also allow her the freedom to speak about her father and the church of Scientology.

Suri has enjoyed a predominantly sheltered upbringing in Manhattan, shielded from the limelight by her devoted and fiercely protective mother, Holmes.

The teenager has been mostly kept away from her father, Cruise, and his religious organization, the Church of Scientology. According to a source who spoke to Page Six, the “Mission: Impossible” star hasn’t seen his daughter since 2012.

“Katie has safeguarded Suri and she’s a devoted mom,” the source said. “This is a girl who is a private citizen. She hasn’t lived her life in public.”

With Suri’s eighteenth birthday around the corner, questions arise on whether she plans to return to the spotlight or maintain her private life.

At the time of Holmes and Cruise’s divorce, the actress was rumored to have signed various non-disclosure agreements, potentially restricting her from discussing her marriage to Cruise and her experiences within the Church of Scientology.

However, Suri, who will attain legal adulthood in New York State as she turns 18, has the freedom to speak openly about her father and his beliefs as she was too young to sign any NDAs during her parent’s divorce.

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