Police forcibly disperse violent ultra-Orthodox protesters in Jerusalem

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Israel Police in Jerusalem forcibly repelled ultra-Orthodox protesters after they became disorderly and committed acts of vandalism, including throwing stones at a light rail car, damaging one of its windows. Two of the protesters were arrested.

The demonstrators had gathered in Shabbat Square to protest against the arrest of suspects who were accused of damaging cell phone stores in Jerusalem.

During the protest, hundreds of demonstrators marched toward the Magistrate’s Court, where they damaged a security pavilion and blocked the entrance to a police station adjacent to the court.

In the Bar-Lev area of the city, some of the protesters threw stones at a light rail car, damaging a window.

The Israel Police said that the rioters ignored an order by an officer to disperse and they had to use force to deter them.

The police added that they would continue to permit lawful protests but that it would not allow vandalism, disorder and violence.

Content retrieved from: https://www.jpost.com/breaking-news/article-732321.

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  1. Similar behavior by fundamentalist of all religions. They like what they control, but they don’t like what they don’t control. And their religious rules must be imposed upon everyone.

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