No bathing allowed in “cult” called “Carbon Nation” led by alleged rapist Eligio Bishop

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The late great Philip Seymour Hoffman once said, “You can look at anything as a cult.” And while that is probably true, the actual definition of a cult according to the American Psychological Association does have more information. A cult is is a “religious or quasi-religious group characterized by unusual or atypical beliefs, seclusion from the outside world, and an authoritarian structure.” Apparently it requires more than blindly following someone, thought that is certainly a component.

Such is the case for Eligio Bishop who is accused of leading a polygamist cult, says COURT TV. He has officially been charged with “rape, false imprisonment, and sending sexually explicit electronic transmissions without consent.” Bishop’s trial began Feb. 21, 2024 and is proving to be just as wild as the alleged cult leader himself. Here’s what we know about Eligio Bishop’s cult.

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