Story: My Aunt Spreads Heretical Gospel to Family Members

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During the Chinese New Year holiday, while gathering with family and visiting friends, I experienced a relative sharing about the Church of Almighty God cult.

My Christian aunt, who had fallen into the heresy of the Church of Almighty God, also known as “Eastern Lightning,” rarely joined family gatherings after her conversion. Unexpectedly, this year, she and her family members came to celebrate the New Year at my house. During the meal, she inquired about our faith, asking about whether we attended church services. Then she began to talk about her belief, stating, “The Almighty God has come, right here on earth.” She claimed that Jesus had returned to the earth in the name of “Almighty God” and that he was currently abroad, emerging from Hunan Province.

I had heard about my aunt’s involvement in the cult before. Despite numerous attempts to dissuade her, including reporting to the police, her family members failed to pull her out, as she remained steadfast. My mom mentioned that when my aunt initially joined the cult, she would bring people to our house repeatedly, helping with chores and trying to induce my mom to join. Failing to convince my mom, my aunt eventually gave up. Though her family cut off financial support and confiscated her phone for an extended period, she was still stubborn, for the heretical ideology had already taken root in her mind.

During this recent close interaction with my aunt over a few days, I observed that they primarily targeted believers and tried to persuade them to attend their lectures and watch videos after the debate. They would share with non-believers who were willing to listen, but if there was resistance, they wouldn’t engage.

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