Nigerian found love in Kenya only to lose wife to Mackenzie’s cult

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“I am going to the shop, I’ll be back soon.” Those were the last words Ms Constance Charo said to her Nigerian husband, Mr Abbas Babatunde, as she left their home in Likoni, Mombasa, on April 7.

He has been longing to hear his wife’s voice again ever since.

For a man who found love in Kenya, Mr Babatunde never imagined the day would come when his wife would wake up and walk out of what he at least thought was a happy marriage.

“My wife had in the past expressed suicidal thoughts, so I had started monitoring her movements. When she did not return after about two to three hours, I started looking for her around the compound, but nobody seemed to know her whereabouts,” says Mr Babatunde.

He had no idea that Ms Charo was in constant touch with her elder sister, Betty, who works as a flight attendant for Qatar Airways, and that she was on her way back to Kenya at the time.

That was until he went through the sisters’ WhatsApp messages.

“They were discussing their plans to travel on April 6 …. and something about the gates of heaven being closed on April 8.”

“Before that, their father [Mr Charles Charo] had sent them a letter telling them to go to a forest where they would meet Jesus,” says Mr Babatunde.

A few days later, he started receiving phone calls from people he knew to be Betty’s co-workers.

“They were asking about her and why she had not returned to work. I contacted Betty, but it was her father who answered the call, claiming that she had already travelled back to Qatar,” says Mr Babatunde. He says he didn’t believe him.

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