“He never spoke to her”: Tom Cruise Dumped Fellow Scientologist for Katie Holmes After Making Her Stay With Him to Get Over Nicole Kidman

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Tom Cruise is known for his blockbuster films in the Hollywood industry. While he is clear about what he wants in his professional life, his personal life is renowned due to his links with the Church of Scientology. There have been several reports that his relationships often end up interlinking with religion, however, it was reported that his relationship with Katie Holmes was not what was first planned.

It was reported that the Church reportedly planned for a fellow member to be Cruise’s partner, however, things spiraled with the former eventually settling up with Holmes.

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise met for the first time in the 1990s while working on Days of Thunder. Their relationship advanced with the duo “passionately in love” which went on until 2001. While many thought that they might withstand the social pressure to be with each other, the idea disappeared into bubbles.

Due to his Scientology beliefs, his personal life was majorly affected which is why he needed a partner that could understand what he felt. That was when religion pushed him towards Nazanin Boniadi, who as per Variety was a mid-20s lady following the same belief, as her mother also followed the same.

Her path to Tom Cruise came to when she met Greg Wilhere, a high official in Scientology who introduced her to various other officials. She soon became one of the candidates to woo Cruise.

She had been deprived of all they felt was unnecessary including the red highlights in her hair and the Iranian man she was dating at the time. Boniadi was told to write a 20-page essay that included several things. After she was chosen, she signed a confidentiality agreement in which she entered isolation following her meetup with Cruise.

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