Nicole Kidman Did Scientology Courses for “2 Straight Years” To Keep Up With Tom Cruise: “She was really dedicated”

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Nicole Kidman was ready to do anything for love, even if it meant changing her religious beliefs. Kidman and Tom Cruise used to be one of Hollywood’s A-list couples. Right from their meet-cute on the set of 1990’s Days of Thunder to their decade-long marriage, the pair’s sizzling romance and endless love for each other had always been the talk of the town.

What started as a lustful attraction during Tony Scott’s action/drama, soon transpired into unbridled love and affection between Kidman and Cruise, which after six months, bloomed into a beautiful marriage. Although their relationship later came to a heartbreaking end in 2001, the ex-couple doted on each other when they were together. In fact, the Aquaman star was so devoted to Cruise that she even took up the religion he followed.

An Acadamy Award-winning actress and a renowned producer, Nicole Kidman has had a flourishing career in Hollywood, and just as successful of a marriage with her current husband, Keith Urban. But before she tied the knot with him, The Undoing star had been married to Tom Cruise for more than ten years.

While Kidman and Cruise went their separate ways in 2001 after a devastating divorce, the two had been madly in love during their relationship. So much so, that Kidman, who had been a devout Catholic before her marriage to the Top Gun 2 star, ended up turning to The Church of Scientology, which happened to be a valuable part of Cruise’s faith.

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