New Warren Jeffs ‘revelations’ tied to child kidnapping case of FLDS leader’s nephew

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KINGSTON, Piute County — A nephew of imprisoned cult leader Warren Jeffs is accused of taking his sister’s young daughter and not allowing her to be returned to her biological parents.

Heber Pearson Jeffs, 54, of Kingston, Piute County, was charged Monday in 6th District Court with child kidnapping, a first-degree felony, and a warrant has been issued for his arrest.

A Hildale, Washington County, couple gave birth to a daughter in 2012. But within the first year, they asked Jeffs — who is the brother of the girl’s mother — and his wife to care for their daughter while they were in the process of splitting up, according to charging documents.

The parents ended up separating. The mother moved to Cache County with her four other children while the father moved to Arizona.

Over the next decade, the young girl continued to live with Jeffs, but her biological parents “had full and unrestricted access to her,” which included taking her to visit her siblings in Cache County, according to the charges.

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