Netflix’s Escaping Twin Flames: Where Are Jeff and Shaleia Ayan Now?

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Some people would do anything to find love and acceptance, and Jeff and Shaleia Ayan know it. According to Netflix’s new three-part documentary, Escaping Twin Flames, the couple has convinced thousands to join their online Twin Flame Universe (TFU) community. There, students have shelled out thousands of dollars on classes and courses that will reportedly help them to find and connect with their twin flame, their one true love.

But the docuseries suggests Jeff and Shaleia’s motives may be far from pure. In fact, according to several accounts shared by those who were a part of the TFU and left, their teachings are more aligned with a cult. Each episode features former members and the loved ones of current members pulling back the curtain on TFU’s jaw-dropping principles.

From dangerous gender identity assertions to harmful diets to psychological ramifications as a result of the organization’s coveted mirror exercises, the allegations go deep. Read on to learn more about the trending docuseries and its founding couple.

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