Netflix fans disturbed by ‘delusional’ cult leader in ‘wild’ Waco massacre documentary

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Netflix viewers have been gripped by the three-part documentary series telling the horrific story in which 86 people died after a 51-day standoff in Waco in 1993.

Fans of true crime were shocked by jaw-dropping scenes from America’s largest gun fight, with many calling the whole series “wild”.

The documentary, titled Waco: American Apocalypse, takes viewers through the shocking events that stunned the world 30 years ago.

It tells how David Koresh served as the messiah of a religious cult who had hundreds of followers hanging on his every word.

The Branch Davidian fringe religious group consisted of 130 men, women, and children living on a compound called the Mount Carmel Centre outside Waco, Texas, US.

He had warned his followers of a looming apocalypse and revealed they thought of him as the “son of God”.

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