Mormon mom takes off with son, 16, whom she believes was ‘chosen by God in the Second Coming of Christ’

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A Mormon mother allegedly took off with her 16-year-old son — who she reportedly believes has been chosen by God in the Second Coming of Christ — before the teen was found safe thousands of miles away from their Arizona home.

Blaze Thibaudeau, his mother Spring Thibaudeau, his sister Abi Snarr, 23, and his uncle Brooke Hale had traveled to Idaho from Arizona after buying thousands of dollars worth of survival gear, according to East Idaho News.

Ben Thibaudeau reported his son missing and believed he may be in danger because his mother “sees him as a Davidic servant who plays a significant role in the Savior’s return.”

“They feel they needed to take him to an undisclosed location where he would receive his calling and understand his role in the Second Coming,” the worried dad told the local outlet.

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