Mom of Sarah Lawrence Sex Cult ‘Lieutenant’: Mastermind Deserves No Mercy

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As New York federal prosecutors seek to put convicted sex trafficker Larry Ray behind bars for life after turning his daughter’s Sarah Lawrence college friend ground into an alleged cult, his co-conspirator’s mother is demanding a harder punishment.

Ray, 63, was convicted in April of 15 criminal charges, including extortion and racketeering conspiracy, after sexually, psychologically, and physically abusing multiple college students at the liberal arts school in upstate New York. Ray was also found guilty of laundering millions from a woman he forced into sex work for years. Prosecutors argued during the trial that shortly after his release from a New Jersey prison in 2010, Ray moved into his daughter’s dorm room and began a “campaign of terror” against her friends—cultivating a “climate of fear” under the guise of self-help to exercise his ultimate control.

To help him in his scheme, prosecutors say Ray enlisted the help of his “trusted lieutenant” Isabella Pollok, a former college student who helped lead the enterprise and exercise control over her friends. In September, the 31-year-old pleaded guilty to a money laundering conspiracy charge after admitting to a federal judge she took part in financial transactions “generated by illegal activity.” Pollok now faces five years in prison.

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  1. Ray showed no mercy for his victims. Like many cult leaders he was a heartless predator seemingly incapable of empathy or sympathy for those he abused.

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