Meet the Man Who Believes He is Actually Jesus Christ

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The Siberian Jesus

Around 33 BC, history has it that Jesus, the son of Joseph, was born into the world to a newly wedded couple in Bethlehem. His birth has been symbolically celebrated, in the past few centuries, as the Christians’ Easter.

However, in the cold frontiers of Siberia, a Russian man has successfully convinced his thousands of followers that he is Jesus. His influence in that circle is so strong that the entire sect started a commune of their own.

Here’s what we learned about the 21st-century Jesus. His given name is Sergei Anatolyevitch Torop, but his disciples have made a habit of calling him Vissarion.

The name ‘Vissarion’ is common in Russia and of Greek origin, meaning “wooded valley.” However, Torop’s official website states that the name Vissarion means ‘he who gives new life.’

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