‘Lying for God’: Former members say Shincheonji cult should lose charity status

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Former members of a Korean cult operating in Aotearoa say they were told to “lie for God”, and want the group stripped of its charitable status. Melanie Earley reports.

John* and Audrey* describe Shincheonji as “insidious and devious”.

The couple spent two and a half years at the Auckland branch of the Korean religious group, and say they now recognise they were “trapped in a cult”.

They’re among a number of former members spoken to by Stuff who are concerned to hear Shincheonji is now a registered charity – and they want Charities Services to investigate.

Content retrieved from: https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/130706361/lying-for-god-former-members-say-shincheonji-cult-should-lose-charity-status.

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