Iowa psychic barred from advertising ‘healing’ services after client death

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DES MOINES, Iowa (KCAU) – A medium has agreed not to promote her services as “healing” or “treatment” after a client committed suicide following allegations that she provided him with a false health diagnosis.

According to a release from the Iowa Attorney General’s Office, Allison Campbell, who operates her psychic medium service out of Altoona, became the subject of a consumer protection investigation after Becky Courtney submitted a complaint that Campbell offered services to her husband, Craig Courtney, after a fall at his home. Craig Courtney later died of suicide.

The Attorney General’s Office alleged Campbell violated Consumer Fraud Act by seeking people to “practice healing” on, discussing physical injuries with clients, and soliciting customers to purchase services that could help with mental health conditions despite not being qualified to treat or heal any physical or mental health conditions.

The AG’s office alleges that during conversations between Campbell and Craig Courtney, Campbell told Craig Courtney that he would die of cancer that would spread throughout his body. She also allegedly told him he had throat cancer despite medical doctors ruling this out, and told him the doctors could not see the mass because it was “under the tissue.”

The release added that Campbell met with Craig Courtney three times and kept in touch with him over the phone through calls and emails.

Campbell has denied the allegations, however the Attorney General’s Office said text messages showed that Craig Courtney had consulted her over a physical problem.

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  1. The claims made by psychics and faith healers that they somehow have supernatural powers, may be the basis for making money, but have never been objectively and scientifically proven.

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