Lori Vallow’s cousin slams cult mom’s ‘vanity’ after not guilty plea in plot to kill her ‘doting husband’

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In an interview with Court TV, her cousin, Megan Conner, talked about the duality of Lori’s spirituality and self-absorption.

“It’s very obvious to all of us that for Lori, vanity came first,” Conner said.

“The religiosity was a way for her to enhance her vanity.”

She went on to describe how Chad Daybell referred to Lori as a “goddess,” which “fell right in line with what she believed about herself.”

Lori was recently extradited from Idaho to Arizona to face charges in her ex-husband Charles’ death.

Charles, 62, was Lori’s fourth husband and the couple lived in a Phoenix suburb with their kids.

They got married in 2006 and Charles raised Lori’s children from other marriages, Tylee and her older brother Colby, as his own and adopted JJ with Lori in 2014.

Charles filed for divorce in February 2019, saying that his wife viewed herself as a god.

He worried that she would kill him if he got in the way of her preparing for the second coming of Christ.

On July 11, 2019, Charles was fatally shot by Lori’s brother, Alex Cox, while Tylee and JJ were inside the house.

Cox claimed self-defense and died before any charges were brought.

Charles’ death was later ruled a homicide and it’s alleged that Lori planned the murder with her sibling so she could marry Daybell and get a hold of Charles’ $1 million life insurance policy.

She pleaded not guilty this week to two charges related to conspiring to kill Charles and her niece’s ex-husband.

Although Conner only met Charles once, she acknowledged the sacrifices he made for Lori – going as far as moving to Hawaii for her in 2014 and providing for her family members.

“By all accounts, Charles adored Lori and treated her very well,” Conner said.

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