Child star’s grim downfall – from Scientology and dating Katy Perry to sick murder

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For a long time, Johnny Lewis was best known for his portrayal of Kip “Half Sack” Epps in Sons of Anarchy.

But his life was one of controversy, and like many other Hollywood stars who crashed and burned, he died young – but not before battering and strangling his elderly landlady to death.

By the time he turned six in 1989, Lewis’ mum had begun taking him to auditions which landed him work in TV ads, and then secured appearances on shows like Malcolm in the Middle.

As an adult, his credits included The OC, Bones, Cold Case and Criminal Minds, but it was in Sons of Anarchy where he really made his name.

He lived a relatively private life by Hollywood standards, and the only relationships that have been confirmed were with Katy Perry and then with actress Diane Gaeta, who’s the mum of his daughter Culla May.

He quit Sons of Anarchy in 2009 and didn’t do any more TV work after that, taking on only a couple of low-budget film roles.

After that, Johnny’s life seemed to spiral into despair as he turned to self-harm. He clearly had his demons, and a colleague from the set of Sons of Anarchy said that it “wasn’t a secret that Johnny had issues he was dealing with”.

Johnny also received a head injury in a high-speed motorbike accident, which was blamed by some for his sudden wayward behaviour.

With senior Scientologists for parents, critics have claimed Johnny didn’t get treatment because of the church’s resistance to psychiatry. But his dad, Michael, rejects that claim, and says he booked his son in for two MRI scans. It was Johnny who refused to have them.

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