Suspect In MLK Home Arson Posted About ‘Cult’ Leader

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The woman who was arrested after allegedly attempting to burn down Martin Luther King Jr.’s childhood home appears to have posted about the imprisoned leader of a controversial conspiracy-fueled Black supremacist sect in the hours leading up to the incident.

Laneisha Henderson was arrested on Thursday and charged with attempted arson in the second degree and interference with government property after witnesses observed her pouring gasoline on the historic site in Atlanta. On Facebook, the final post on a profile that appears to belong to Henderson was made roughly four hours before the incident and features a reference to the leader of the “Nuwaubian Nation.”

“Fam(ily) Affairs 🖤 #FreeMalachiZYork,” Henderson wrote in the post.

Dwight “Malachi” York is currently serving a 135-year federal prison sentence following a 2004 conviction on charges that included over 100 counts of child molestation, racketeering, and transporting minors across state lines for sexual purposes. York, who variously claimed to be African royalty and a leader of a lost Native American tribe, originally rose to prominence in New York City preaching a mixture of Ancient Egyptian philosophy, New Age spirituality, Black supremacy, and Illuminati conspiracy theories.

Amid mounting legal pressure, York moved his followers to Georgia where he established a massive compound called “Tama-Re” that featured two 40-foot pyramids and a sphinx statue. People Magazine, which produced a documentary investigation on York’s “cult” reported last year that his conviction came after “several of York’s victims came forward with accounts of slavery, starvation and sexual abuse that dated back decades.” Despite the dark allegations, various offshoots of York’s “Nuwaubian” movement and groups calling for his freedom remain active to this day.

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