Local group protests alleged sexual abuse by member of Kent Jehovah’s Witnesses church

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Due to accusations of prior sexual abuse by a current leader, about ten people protested against the Kent Jehovah’s Witnesses church recruiting downtown in a march off Franklin Avenue Saturday. Anna Ciano-Hendricks, co-organizer of the event and former Jehovah’s Witness, said she was a member of the Kent chapter of the church for her whole life and was sexually abused as a child by a member who is now in leadership. She said after taking concerns about this individual to the elders of the church, they “swept it under the rug,” and threatened to destroy documentation of her abuse. She said her case is not unique, but rather indicative of a larger problem in the Jehovah’s Witnesses Church on a global scale. 

“When I came out about the abuse in my 20s, the elders told me to never speak of it again,” she said. “And I wasn’t even to talk to other women in the hall because they didn’t want me to form a support group against them.” 

Content retrieved from: https://kentwired.com/99811/latest-updates/local-group-protests-alleged-sexual-abuse-by-member-of-kent-jehovahs-witnesses-church/.

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