Mayor of Beit Shemesh rescued from violent ultra-Orthodox protest at school opening ceremony

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Beit Shemesh Mayor Aliza Bloch had to be rescued by Israel Police Tuesday night after hundreds of ultra-Orthodox protesters violently protested her appearance at the opening of an ultra-Orthodox school in the city.

The protesters threw rocks, smashing her car windows, in addition to throwing rocks and other objects at the school building while she was inside.

Bloch, who is herself religiously observant, was stuck in the building for about one hour while she waited for police to arrive.

After police arrived, the rioters began throwing stones at the police, hitting one officer in the head who required medical treatment.

Following the event, Bloch released a video statement saying that she recognized the rioters represented “a small group” of ultra-Orthodox society, and that the protests would not stop her from representing all members of her community.

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