Lisa Marie Presley was planning Scientology takedown before her death

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(KYMA) It’s important to dig a little deeper into the death of Lisa Marie Presley. She was getting ready to make a big splash by taking scientology to task. At the age of 11 Presley officially joined the Scientology religion. She remained faithful to the religion for decades, finally leaving in 2014. She said publicly that she was starting to self destruct.

Before Lisa Marie had left, she was close friends with a victim in the Danny Masterson sexual assault criminal trial. The church, back in 2003, asked her to call one of Masterson’s potential victims after she said she was raped by the scientologist and former that 70’s show actor. Lisa Marie apparently did so.

After her break from Scientology, Presley went conspicuously quiet, ostensibly calling a truce with the powerful religion. It’s easy to see why. Scientology practices something called auditing, much like police interrogation, where they hold a subject in a room and get them to admit wrondoings, even if they’re fictional

Auditing can often be recorded without the subject’s knowledge. Presley could have had the threat of false accusations hanging over her head. And when scientology sees you as an enemy, they “fair game” you. Meaning they do all they can do blemish your reputation and get you fired from your job.

Despite all that, Presley was planning on reversing course to show up and testify in support of her friend. She was preparing to declare that her friend told her she was raped that night.

It’s unclear if Presley was planning on testifying to take down the religion or to defend her friend. But regardless, this action must be an important part of her legacy. That Presley, in the name of justice, was willing to risk her livelihood to fight for what is right.

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