Judge Has No Mercy for ‘Evil’ Sex Cult Leader Larry Ray’s Pathetic Pity Party

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After several former Sarah Lawrence college students gave harrowing accounts Friday of how 63-year-old Lawrence “Larry” Ray moved into their sophomore dorm room in 2010 and fomented conditions that amounted to an abusive sex cult, Ray indicated he wanted to speak.

Struggling to get up from a chair in a beige prison jumpsuit, Ray looked straight at federal Judge Lewis J. Liman as he described how “hard” the last three years in jail have been for him—how he cannot sleep because of a mysterious illness, how he deserves sympathy because the only three relatives he was still in touch with died while he was incarcerated.

“I lost my father, my stepfather, and my stepmother all in one week. They are gone,” Ray said while choking up. “I didn’t get to say goodbye.”

But not once during Ray’s two-minute speech did he mention his victims or the reason he was in court Friday: to be sentenced for physically, emotionally, and sexually abusing several college-aged students for almost a decade.

As he whined to the judge about the ringing in his ears and the lesions on his body that he can’t have checked due to jail medical resources, four of his victims sat behind him, shaking their heads and looking at the floor.

Content retrieved from: https://www.thedailybeast.com/evil-sex-cult-leader-lawrence-larry-ray-gets-60-years-in-prison.

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  1. What comes through this reporting is that Ray, like most cult leaders, seems to be incapable of empathy. All he feels is sympathy for himself as the supposed victim rather than for his victims that he so brutally abused.

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