Japan’s Major Buddhist Sect Investigates Nun’s 14-Year Sexual Assault Allegations

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One of Japan’s largest Buddhist sects is currently under scrutiny following serious allegations made by a nun, who claims she was sexually assaulted by a monk over a span of 14 years. The accusations, which also implicate a high-ranking priest for his inaction, have prompted an internal investigation. The complainant, known by her religious name Eicho and now in her 50s, had her case dismissed by authorities in 2019 after accusing the older monk of rape.

Eicho’s brave decision to bring her story to the public eye has reignited discussions on the handling of sexual assault cases within religious communities. According to reports, the monk accused of the assaults holds a significant position within the sect, which has only added to the complexity and sensitivity of the situation. The added claim that a respected priest ignored the accusations for years has caused outrage and demands for accountability and transparency within the sect.

In response to the outcry, the Buddhist sect announced its commitment to thoroughly investigate Eicho’s allegations. This move has been cautiously welcomed by advocates for survivors of sexual assault, who emphasize the importance of a fair and impartial inquiry. The sect’s decision to probe into the accusations internally highlights the broader issue of how religious institutions address and manage claims of misconduct among their ranks.

Content retrieved from: https://bnnbreaking.com/world/japan/japans-major-buddhist-sect-investigates-nuns-14-year-sexual-assault-allegations.

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