‘It’s just thick with abuse’: Inside the online reckoning of underground church Two by Twos

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Tava Zahorka Nicholson cannot recall many details of her upbringing. “I did not and still do not remember my childhood to this day, I remember bits and pieces,” she said.

Zahorka Nicholson’s family was part of a largely unknown Christian sect that is currently in the midst of a public reckoning over what some describe as decades of systemic abuse and the unwillingness of church leaders to confront the problem.

Zahorka Nicholson says she is one of the survivors. “Overall, I had pretty cool parents on the outside looking back—especially for cult parents,” she told the Daily Dot in a recent phone conversation, laughing softly.

While Zahorka Nicholson is able to recall the generalities of her childhood, she struggles with specifics.

Zahorka Nicholson said her parents often hosted church gatherings at their home when she was growing up. Everything had to be perfect on the outside looking in, floors vacuumed, house tidied, kids dressed in their best clothing. Zahorka Nicholson felt she had no choice but to participate.

“I know I didn’t like things, but I don’t know if I thought there was an option to not go,” she added.

Content retrieved from: https://www.dailydot.com/news/underground-church-two-by-twos/.

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