Inside Tom Cruise’s bond with his ‘extremely loyal’ son: Connor, 29, lives in a Scientology community in Florida where he fishes and runs a meat shack – and is the only one of the star’s 3 children who’s openly close to his father

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As Tom Cruise’s career goes from strengh to strength and he cements his legacy as one of the most successful actors of all time, he can always count on the unending support of one particular family member.

Connor Cruise, the son he adopted during his marriage to Nicole Kidman in the 1990s, is now 29-years-old and said to be ‘incredibly loyal’ to his father.

Last year, as the Mission Impossible star promoted the newest film in the franchise in New York City, he was accompanied by Connor, as well as his sister Lee Ann. He

Connor, who is now based in Florida, appears to spend much time with his father and was said to have chosen to live with Tom following his divorce from Nicole in 2001. He and his sister, Isabella, 31, were raised in the controversial Church of Scientology, in which Nicole had no part after the split.

As Connor and Bella maintain a close relationship with Tom, it is thought there’s a rift between the siblings and their mother as they have not been seen in public with Kidman since 2007.

And overall, the children live relatively low-key lives – but Connor in particular is seen with his father frequently, supporting him on promotional tours all around the world.

Connor appears to be a private person who lives in Clearwater, Florida, in a home within a Scientology community.

A source previously told PEOPLE magazine he lives a ‘simple’ existence, saying: ‘He lives in his own home in a Scientology community. His life is deep-sea fishing. He has a lot of friends and seems very well-liked.’

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