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Most Floridians see COVID vaccines as safe. But many also believe conspiracy theories — including microchips.

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With COVID on the rise and new vaccines arriving in pharmacies and doctor’s offices, the vast majority of Floridians believe the shots are safe, help prevent the spread of infections, and reduce the risk of hospitalization and death. Those assessments…[Continue Reading...]

Neo-Nazi groups spew hate outside Disney World and near Orlando, officials say

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Groups of neo-Nazis and white supremacists spread antisemitic, white supremacist and anti-LGBTQ messages outside Disney World and in the nearby Orlando, Florida, area Saturday in the latest examples of rising antisemitism in the U.S., officials said. About 15 people wearing…[Continue Reading...]

Scientology owns 176 buildings and lots in downtown Clearwater and has kept most of them vacant

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But revitalization of the surrounding downtown is more complicated. Since 2017, limited liability companies tied to the Church of Scientology have bought about 176 buildings and lots within walking distance of the waterfront and have kept most of them vacant,…[Continue Reading...]

$1 billion Scientology backed development in Clearwater

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CLEARWATER — The city’s Community Development Board has approved a 64-unit luxury condo on Osceola Avenue, the first of roughly 15 projects that developer Rodney Riley is planning for the North Marina Area near downtown. The board’s approval on Tuesday was…[Continue Reading...]

Mother, son allege prominent Pensacola priest abused him as a child at private school.

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Around 2011, the family of a Pensacola middle-school student, who was struggling with bullying, moved the boy to a new school hoping the change would help. The boy’s mother enrolled him at St. John the Evangelist, a private Catholic school…[Continue Reading...]

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