The chilling truth about the ‘stay-at-home daughter movement’: Woman who was raised in a cult reveals what it was like to be ‘forced into submission’ by her father after being deemed ‘DEMON-possessed’ as an INFANT

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Stay-at-home-daughters is often used a quirky description for a young woman who can live a lavish lifestyle off her family’s wealth rather than get a job of her own – but it turns out, the term has a much darker meaning.

Ashley Easter, who grew up in what she described as a ‘cult within a cult within a cult within a cult’ and was labeled a ‘demon’ when she was younger, recently revealed how vulnerable women end up forced into submission – and that it starts from birth.

‘Stay at home daughters were basically unmarried adult women who continued to submit to their fathers until he gave them away in marriage to another man,’ Ashley explained to host Shelise Ann Sola on the YouTube channel Cults to Consciousness.

She continued: ‘They would then submit to [their husband] for the rest of their life, say yes to sex, have all their babies.’

Ashley, who was apart of the Independent Fundamental Baptist Church (IFB), explained that the group want to continue their ‘200-year plan’ until the world is populated with their ‘very patriarchal religious views.’

She described the moment she knew her ‘body wasn’t safe’ – recalling her grandfather buying a white carnation and placing the stem in red food coloring before watching it change color.

‘That was a symbol of my change into being a submissive girl, and that moment did change my life,’ she recalls.

Ashley, who grew up in Lynchburg, Virginia, said from that moment on she knew what could happen if she stepped out of line.

‘I knew now what could happen [if] I was too rebellious, you don’t deserve anything good and that it can be snatched away in a moment and that as a woman you don’t have power in this and if you’re going to survive you’ve got to submit eventually,’ she listed.

Both of Ashley’s grandfathers were pastors within the IFB church – one in the North and one in South in Virginia, and she grew up in one of the most strict Christian churches.

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