Inside still active ‘apocalypse’ Order of Solar Temple cult that ‘slaughtered 53 of its own’

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Over the last 2000 years, history has been littered with gruesome tales of zealots committing unspeakable acts in the name of religion.

Few approach the disturbing level of butchery attained by the Order of the Solar Temple, an elitist Christian cult that operated during the 80s and 90s. On October 5 1994, the Order achieved notoriety after an international mass suicide left 53 members dead in Quebec, Canada, and Switzerland.

The defining characteristic of this hideous death spree was fire – a burned-down farmhouse in Switzerland held 23 bodies and 25 more were found in burnt ski chalets dotted about the country. The other 15 were found predominantly in Morin Heights, in Canada, where cult leaders Luc Jouret and Joseph Di Mambro lived.

The dead sect leaders were found in creepy-looking robes and appeared to have taken poison, while many others died with bullet wounds to their heads and bags covering their faces. All the victims reportedly wore white ceremonial robes and were arranged in a circle with their feet together.

More carnage was swift to follow. Another 16 bodies were found in the French Alps the following year, also burned in a similar fashion to the first mass suicide.

The casualties included three children and, in both instances, voluntary participation in the acts was questionable. This wasn’t the first grim realisation made by authorities and relatives of the deceased who began to think this might not have been a group suicide.

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