I Grew Up In A ‘Cult’ – And I Have 44 Siblings | MY EXTRAORDINARY FAMILY

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CALVIN has 44 siblings and five parents. The 34-year-old grew up in the FLDS and within this religion, the family practiced polygamy. Growing up in Utah, Calvin enjoyed having a large family but started to step out of the religion and the community in his 20s and four years ago, made the decision to leave. Calvin endured judgement for this decision but was supported by his biological mum, Christine who recently also chose to step outside of the religion. In this episode, we see Christine on her first ever trip to New York City to catch up with her son, see the sights and meet some of his friends too. Calvin said: “We’ve got one life, live it.” Follow Calvin Here:https://www.youtube.com/@officialcalvinwayman https://www.instagram.com/calvinwayman/

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