Health sects and conspiracy theories in France: How Covid led to a misinformation surge

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The inter-ministerial watchdog set up to monitor and fight against sects in France has released its latest findings on everything from online coaches to conspiracists, neo-Shamans and would-be healers. The alarming report from MIVILUDES states that since 2020 – and especially since the coronavirus pandemic – such movements are on the rise and are spreading worrying quantities of misinformation when it comes to healthcare.

In this edition, we meet a son whose mother recently died from cancer. In the last years of her life, her thought processes started to change and she ended up refusing traditional treatments.

We also interview Clément Bastie, whose online collective produces videos to debunk fake news theories.

Finally, we speak to Francine Caumel from the association CCMM, whose members give advice and support to those affected by sects.

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