Hulu’s “Cult Justice” Provides An Investigative Look into Cults’ Dark Realms

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Law & Crime Network’s latest series, “Cult Justice,” is set to premiere on Hulu on March 28, 2024. This compelling 8-part series delves into the unsettling world of modern cults, spotlighting the harrowing journeys of survivors along with the dedicated efforts of law enforcement to dismantle these groups and bring their leaders to justice.

Backed by powerful stories, “Cult Justice” takes viewers through the emotional accounts of resilience to the heart-wrenching decisions of those forced to act against their own family members for the sake of justice. Viewers get an inside look at the strategies employed to bring cult leaders to account, supported by a wealth of unique evidence. This series is a tribute to both the survivors’ bravery and the relentless pursuit of justice by law enforcement, offering a nuanced understanding of the challenges faced in confronting the menace of modern-day cults.

“Cult Justice” was acquired by Hulu from Cineflix Rights, the leading independent TV content distributor in the UK. This acquisition marks a significant advancement in the ongoing partnership between Hulu and TEGNA Inc., aiming to co-produce up to 250 hours of original investigative and true crime content for global distribution. This collaborative effort has enabled Law & Crime to expand its documentary storytelling into detailed, hour-long episodes, making extensive use of the comprehensive archive from VAULT Studios, TEGNA’s repository of investigative content.

The series boasts a team of senior executive producers with impressive credentials, including Emmy Award-winning journalists Brian Ross and Rhonda Schwartz, ABC News’ Chief Legal Analyst Dan Abrams, President of Law & Crime Rachel Stockman, TEGNA’s VP of Entertainment Programming Brian Weiss, and Felicia Litovitz, Cineflix’s VP of Acquisitions for North America. Their collective expertise promises to bring an unparalleled depth to “Cult Justice,” making it a must-watch for fans of true crime and investigative storytelling.

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