“He’s trying to recruit you into scientology, stay away from him”: Shakira Warned About Tom Cruise After Recent Dating Rumors

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Shakira and Tom Cruise’s alleged romance has summoned quite the tempest of rumors and gossip in Hollywood. With F1 dates and surprise flowers, the Top Gun: Maverick star already seems to be smitten with the Colombian singer. But while sparks seem to be flying between the two, Shakira’s fans, however, are determined to snuff this apparent flame out before it escalates into a full-fledged fire.

Shakira & Tom Cruise Stir Up Dating Rumors

Nothing cures a fresh heartbreak like a dosage of brand-new romance, and sources claim Shakira is doing just that. Parting ways with a long-term partner after over a decade of dating them would take a toll on anybody, and Shakira didn’t just have a relationship with her ex-boyfriend, she also shares two sons with him. It certainly didn’t help that Gerard Piqué had reportedly been cheating on her while they were still together and the soccer star is currently dating the woman he had an affair with. To say the singer has been rendered crestfallen would be an understatement.

So, when a Hollywood delight named Tom Crusie swooped into the life of a now-single Shakira with alleged flowers and charming smiles, rumors about a potential romance blooming between the two naturally followed.

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