Guinevere Turner on her new memoir, about growing up in a cult, and why men can’t believe she wrote the ‘American Psycho’ screenplay: ‘Toxic masculinity’

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Those who know anything about Guinevere Turner usually come from one of two camps: ’90s lesbians or mainstream bros. It’s something the actress and screenwriter is both aware of and amused by.

“There are so many weird aspects of my life — like, I have avid fans of Go Fish and I have avid fans of American Psycho, and I don’t think these two populations even know that these two movies exist,” says Turner, referring to both the pioneering 1994 lesbian rom-com that she co-wrote and starred in and to the 2000 film version of Bret Easton Ellis’s novel, starring Christian Bale, that she appeared in and wrote the screenplay for.

Now Turner, 55, is making a name for herself in a whole new category — the literary world — with last month’s release of When the World Didn’t End: A Memoir. It’s a clear-eyed stunner, about her unconventional childhood growing up around the country in the Lyman Family doomsday cult and the struggles she faced, from isolation to sexual abuse, when she got out at age 11 to live with the mother she barely knew.

Turner first dipped her toe into writing about her childhood in a college fiction workshop, but put it aside when she realized the topic overshadowed her writing abilities. “You say the word ‘cult’ and mouths get frothy, you know?” she tells Yahoo Entertainment. While doing press for Go Fish, she let it slip to a journalist that she’d grown up in the Lyman Family, and though she asked him to keep this detail out of the story, he included it, and Turner found herself fielding “a whole bunch of crazy book deal offers.”

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