God Was a Livestreamer

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How does one go from McDonald’s manager to mummified corpse found in a sleeping bag wrapped in Christmas lights? First, get radicalized on mid-aughts-era blogs and start touting New Age spirituality beliefs and posting endlessly about them online. Eventually, you might find yourself in a Colorado commune playing “Mother God,” a 19-billion-year-old deity who birthed all creation and who was once reincarnated as Jesus Christ and Marilyn Monroe. That’s what happened to the late Amy Carlson after she went down the aforementioned rabbit hole, falling into a heady, and eventually Q-Anon-laced, wonderland called Love Has Won, a religious online community and cult based in Colorado. In their version of reality, Carlson was the 534th incarnation of the divine, fated to lead exactly 144,000 believers into a fifth-dimensional plane, freed from the bounds of our unsatisfactory 3-D world. She was also a YouTube livestreamer. It’s the era of parasocial, and often money-seeking, self-promotion after all. A three-part, Safdie Brothers–produced HBO docuseries, airing weekly beginning Monday, November 13, attempts to unravel the whole story.

Content retrieved from: https://www.vulture.com/2023/11/love-has-won-trailer-release-date.html.

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