Gay man lifts the lid on what it was like to be groomed to practice polygamy in an incestuous CULT – after being forced to marry and have seven kids

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A gay man who was raised in an extremist Mormon-adjacent cult known as The Order has opened up about his harrowing experiences from childhood to his young-adult years.

Nephi Robinson, of Utah, went on the podcast and YouTube channel┬áCults to Consciousness to talk about what it was like growing up in The Order – a polygamous, incestuous community based in the Salt Lake City area.

The Order was founded in 1935 by Elden Kingston, who was among the Mormons who reportedly disagreed with the church’s banning of polygamy and split off to form his own fundamentalist sect.

After Elden’s death in 1948, he was succeeded by┬áJohn Ortell Kingston. John died in 1987, and the cult was taken over by the current leader, Paul Elden Kingston.

For his part, Nephi’s dad is Paul’s older brother, John Daniel Kingston, while his mom was John Daniel’s third wife out of a total of his 14 spouses.

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