Festival Trailer for ‘Praying For Armageddon’ Doc About Evangelicals

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“There have been two nations created to glorify God.” Uh, really? A film festival promo trailer has debuted for a documentary premiering at the CPH:DOX Film Festival, underway right now in Denmark, for a film titled Praying For Armageddon. Made by a Norwegian filmmaker, the film actually takes place in the US, examining the power and influence of fundamentalist evangelicals who look to fulfill the Armageddon prophecy. Yeah this is pretty much a scary horror film. Described as a hard-hitting docu-thriller about an influential movement of Christian fundamentalists in the US, who with millions of dollars in backing and threads into the government are fighting for the end of the world. Power, money and religion in a terrifying insider’s report from a closed world. This sounds insanely frightening, as they shouldn’t have this kind of money and power, but they do! The teaser poster for this is also incredible, visualizing just how hilariously crazy these people are. I’m glad films like this exist because they allow us to see clearly how dangerous and sick these fundamentalists are, and we shouldn’t pretend otherwise and let this “religion” get away with this.

While much of the world struggles to keep the planet going, a frighteningly large group of American fundamentalist Christians are working to promote the apocalypse. The evangelical movement is convinced that they will be saved when Jesus appears in the state of Israel on horseback and, with a sword raised to heaven, kills the infidels so the blood reaches the horses’ bridles. Natural fires, corona, wars and crises are evidence that the time is nigh. But for the prophecies to be realised, the state of Israel has to grow stronger, so they provide huge financial support and are so far inside the White House that they help influence US foreign policy. The evangelicals include Doomsday preachers, politicians and motorcycle-riding warriors of God who have no intention of turning the other cheek. Tonje Hessen Schei (Drone, iHuman) has crafted a terrifying religious thriller that offers a hard-hitting glimpse into a closed world of influential people waiting for the sun to turn dark and the moon to turn to blood.

Praying For Armageddon is directed by acclaimed Norwegian filmmaker Tonje Hessen Schei, director of the doc films Independent Intervention, Play Again, Drone, iHuman previously. Co-directed by Michael Rowley, of Hurdle, “Hooked On The Look”, “Unbelievable Me”. Produced by Christian Aune Falch, Ingrid Galadriel Aune Falch, and Torstein Parelius. The film is world premiering at the CPH:DOX Film Festival this month. No other release dates are set yet – stay tuned for more updates. Who’s interested in watching?

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