Drugs, QAnon, and Mummified Corpses: This Cult Doc Has Everything

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Even by cult standards, Love Has Won was uniquely nutty, its gospel almost as laughable as its adherents were devoted. Founded by Amy Carlson, a Kansas native who convinced herself and others that she was a holy being known as Mother God who was destined to save mankind by assuming its sins, it was a ragtag group of misfits and outcasts whose every waking second was dedicated to making sure their leader was happy. In this case, that involved keeping her stocked up on booze, weed, and psychedelics, all of which were viewed as her “medicine” and facilitated her conversations with “The Galactics,” a collection of higher-plane gurus who advised Amy on the best means of “waking up” humanity and “ascending” to the heavens via their starship.

The leader of the Galactics? None other than Hollywood legend Robin Williams, with whom Amy and her disciples routinely chatted.

Executive produced by Josh and Benny Safdie, the three-part Love Has Won: The Cult of Mother God (Nov. 13, HBO) is like the cartoon version of a typical cult docuseries, not because of its form—director Hannah Olson sharply and compellingly relays her tale—but because its particulars are so over the top. This is true from the get-go, as the proceedings commence with body-camera footage of police officers arriving on April 29, 2021, at the Colorado “mission house” of Amy and her Love Has Won acolytes. The house was a rundown shack decorated with Christmas lights, New Age-y drawings, and paintings, rainbow colors, and stuffed animals. Inside, what they discovered was the mummified corpse of Amy, who was wrapped up in a sleeping bag just as she had been while being transported across multiple state lines, post-death, from Oregon, where she’d passed away in a hotel room following a prior stint in Hawaii.

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