Don’t Fall for This ‘Get Rich Quick Scheme’ on Social Media

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Lately when scrolling Instagram, I’ve seen reels promising a hassle-free way to make money. Influencers are telling their followers that they’re making thousands after taking a simple course. And if you just “comment COURSE below” they’ll link you to the course so you can learn how they did it.

It’s sketchy. And it’s a scam. Underneath it all, these “master resell rights” or MRR courses are essentially multi-level marketing schemes. They seem enticing, but rarely deliver. Instead, you’ll only make money if you repackage the same course and get your own followers to buy it.

As a personal finance expert, I know firsthand that the road to wealth isn’t quick or easy. I use my platforms (social media, podcast, and my latest book) to help people build a healthy relationship with money. Some of my resources are free, and some are paid. But the difference is that I focus on realistic ways to grow your net worth and become financially free — they’re not scams encouraging you to resell the same courses for money.

These days, even scams can look authentic. Here’s how to spot these red flags, so you don’t waste your time (and money).

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