Creepy rise of paedo cult leader Tony Alamo who had 24 wives & kept rotting corpse of ‘true love’ in house for a YEAR

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REELING from 150 blows with a wooden paddle, 10-year-old Justin Miller felt blood trickle down his leg and turned to his mum with pleading eyes.

But mum Carol returned his pleas with an ice cold stare, telling him he deserved the brutal punishment – which left him unable to walk or sit for weeks – because cult leader Tony Alamo had ordered it.

Justin’s only crime was having a dad who escaped the evil Alamo Christian Foundation –  where hundreds of kids endured brutal and bloody beatings with the “board of education” for being “devil-possessed”.

Sadistic leader Tony also took a harem of “wives”, the youngest of whom was just eight years old when she was forced to consummate the “marriage.”

He also kept the rotting corpse of ‘true love’ Susan at the compound, after her death from cancer, for a year.

The cult, formed in the 1960s era of peace and love, features in a new BBC documentary, which hears founders Susan and Tony Alamo used brainwashing, polygamy and horrific child abuse to control their followers.

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