Concho Valley Live: From escaping a cult to finding faith, Victoria Reynolds shares how to be your best self

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Author, speaker, and confidence coach Victoria Reynolds spoke with Senora Scott about her latest book and shared advice for others dealing with difficult circumstances.

She shared a bit of her story:

“I had real issues with self-confidence for the longest time. I was suicidal for more than five years and all this stemmed from growing up in this fundamentalist polygamist cult. And I was told from the time I was little that I didn’t have any value. My dad even promised me to someone when I was 11-years-old.”

Victoria uses FAITH to help others:

Fullness – Fill yourself with self-improvement & self-care.

Acceptance Your failures are not failure but Learning Lessons

Intuition – Listen to your inner guidance.

Trust yourself to make the right choices and create YOUR life path

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