Coronation Street star’s mum was caught in cult with ‘sinister sexual exercises’

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Coronation Street star Emrhys Cooper revealed that his parents found themselves in a cult that started off ‘wholesome’ but took a ‘sinister’ turn.

Recent scenes saw Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) meeting the charming Rowan (Emrhys) from The Institute, following her stepson’s Simon Barlow’s court appearance for drink driving.

As he left, he flashed her a smile, and she found herself blushing.

According to Desperate Housewives star Emrhys his current storyline hits pretty close to home as his parents were involved in something similar.

‘One of the situations that happened that is similar to my storyline, without giving too much away. My parents did wind up in a cult, but kind of a wellness, fitness, more of a spiritual cult,’ he said.

‘It presented itself as kind of a work out, feel good, fitness mentally. Only as they got further and further in and gave more money it became more sinister. The cult tried to separate my parents by doing these rather sexual exercises with other people which my dad was a little alarmed by because he was having to grope this woman and my mum was having to do this thing with someone else.

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